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What Are Holo Games?

Holographic Introduction

Holographic technology has existed in the public's mind for many years. Many science fiction fans will remember that scene in Star Wars where Princess Leia was projected from R2D2 into a hologram for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Back in the 1970s, hologram technology seemed like a distant wish. But now, we are getting ever closer to truly holographic images delivered right into our homes.

There has been a lot of research and development into recent 3D technologies. 3D televisions are now in electronics stores where the average consumer can purchase one to watch true 3D movies and now, play 3D games. However, these televisions require users to enjoy their 3D content only with special glasses, which can be cumbersome. To solve this, mayne electronics manufacturers are busy developing glasses-free 3D televisions. We beleive that these glasses-free televisions will hit the market soon, at least within the next five years.

So how does 3D help in our efforts to fully realize a holographic future? Well, the next logical evolutionary step for 3D is to become truly holographic. If we really think about it, 3D is the crucial step to holographic images. Once hardware manufacturers can combine 3D glasses-free technology into consumer products, holo technology will not be that far off.

Holographic Games

Holographic games, or hologames, are the gamer's holy grail. Holo games will enable the avid gamer to play their favorite video games and feel like they are truly part of the action. Holo games will either be projected in the entertainment room via a holo projector, or via a holo "tv". Game images will appear to float in front of the gamer's eyes and consumers will be able to walk around, in a complete 360, their video game. Instead of viewing a static 2D image on a television screen, holo games will appear to the gamer with the most realistic images ever seen. Holo games go one step beyond 3D in this way, and will not require any special glasses to be seen. Viewers in the same room will be able to view the hologram from their own perspective.

The first ever holographic game was Time Traveller, and it was made by Sega in 1991.

Holographic, also known as Holo sports broadcasts are also coming soon. As early as 2022, we may be able to watch live sports broadcasts such as the world cup, as holograms.

Flat-screen computer games are limited in their ability to immerse the gamer in a three-dimensional virtual environment. VR systems are better, but require special goggles or other hardware. Hologames will provide immersive, three-dimensional gaming experiences without special goggles.

Holo games will create imaginary and realistic worlds right in from of our eyes. We have never seen anything like it, and holographic games will open up a whole new dimension in gaming. The next frontier in video games are holo games!